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Prices of language lessons for foreigners-цены на обучение иностранным языкам для иностранцев

Foreign language lessons:

The school of foreign languages ​​"SLED" is offers high-quality lessons at affordable prices. We check students progress after every lesson. You do not have to pay again and start from scratch to pass level exams. After accomplishing each level, we issue certificates.

Avalaible programs:

English: For children and schoolchildren of any age:

In groups of up to 5 people: 3,600 rubles. per month (8 lessons)

In mini groups up to 2 people: 300 rubles. for one lesson

Prices for courses of other languages:

700 rub. per lesson (private lessons) (other variants are: 60, 90 and 120 minutes)

In order to enroll in a language course, leave us a request through the dedicated form on out website, call us by phone, write us an email or drop us a line on Viber or Whatsapp. It's free!

English language groups:

English for children.

Conversational English for work and living abroad.

English for children aged 12 years and more.

International exam preparation.

Other language groups:

French language for beginners (with a native speaker).

Italian (for beginners, intermediate and advanced students).

Spanish for beginners (for beginners, intermediate and advanced students).

German for beginners (for beginners, intermediate and advanced students).

Arabic for beginners, intermediate and advanced students) (with a native speaker).

For all other specialized courses only individual courses are available so far.








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