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Lessons of the russian language on Skype-уроки русского языка по по skype

Lessons of the russian language on Skype:

If you want to learn Russian for professional reasons, for studying abroad, for tourism or simply for personal reasons, then you have come the right place!

Our language school offers lessons of russian on Skype. Our experienced native russian speakers will teach you russian in an interesting and funny way.

You can register for our courses right now!

The price of one russian language lesson is: 7 USD for 60 minutes.

You have the chance to take part in a 35 minute trial lesson.

All you need is a microphone, a webcam an internet connection!

If you register for a one month course (which is equal to 8 lessons), then you will get a 15%  discount!

We accept payment by:

Webmoney webmoney logo-логотип webmoney, Visa visa logo-логотип визаor MasterCard mastercard logo-логотип мастеркарда

We also offer general courses in other languages, namely:

English, French Italian, Spanish, German, Arabic, Swedish, Dutch, Portuguese and Polish.

You can also try one of our specialized courses:

1) English for studying abroad

2) English for tourism

3) English for international exams' preparation (IELTS, CELA, TOEFL)

4) English for pilots, flight attendants and air-traffic controllers

5) Business English

These specialised courses are also offered in the following languages:

1) Russian

2) French

3) Italian;

4) Spanish

5) German

7) Arabic

We are looking forward to hearing from you!







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