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School of foreign languages ​​"SLED" ​​​​​​-школа иностранных языков SLED​


The school of foreign languages ​​"SLED" offers foreign language lessons to people of all ages and

nationalities (children, teenagers and adults). We teach the following languages: English, French, Italian,

Spanish, Arabic and German. Our school offers high-quality teaching at a reasonable price.


In our lessons we use the communicative approach. With us you will not cram on words and grammar, but use

them in real life situations. Speaking a foreign language after one month is not a myth, but a reality. We use

the so-called “Teaching Goals” approach. In other words, “Teaching Goals” is a list of situations in which a

student must make himself understood without any outside help after each lesson. We do not have any

subscriptions, that is, you only pay for the number of lessons you have taken. Every Sunday we have an

open-doors lesson in which you can try for yourself the atmosphere of complete immersion in a foreign



Our school focuses on the communicative approach. In addition to that we use various techniques such as

the situational approach (the lesson is built upon the basis of various life situations) so that the student can

understand any situation abroad on his own. We use the latest textbooks of renown publishers such

as: Cambridge and Oxford. Some of our teachers are native speakers with a teaching degree. We have no

subscriptions, that is, you pay only for the number of classes you have attended so far. At the moment, there

is a year-round discount available and promotional "FIRST MONTH OF TRAINING IS FREE." Choose

the language you would like to learn, the duration of the course and we will tell you what discount you will have

on such a course. We also offer trial lessons. A trial lesson is an opportunity for students to get acquainted

with a teacher and the program of foreign language learning. Trial lessons are absolutely free.

If you want to enroll in a free trial lesson or have got any questions then:

Call us by phone or send us an email or or contact us via the feedback form here:


To sign up for a lesson, call us , send us a message or leave us a message on Viber ,

Whatsapp , or make a request through the form here:



We'll be happy to see you among our students!




Phone number: 


 +7 967 041 83 11








Zagonovo street, 15, Elektrostal, the Russian Federation.


What makes us special:


1) Affordable prices.


2) A convenient lessons timetable tailored to the needs of each student.


3) Foreign language lessons on Skype.


4) Native speakers.


5) Free trial lessons.


6) Year-round discounts on all language programs.


Our courses:


1) General foreign language course.


2) English for children.


3) English for tourism.


4) internalional exams preparation.


5) Language lessons for studying in a foreign university.


6) Business English.


7) English for pilots, air-traffic controllers and stewards.


8) Internsive foreign language lessons.  










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